Paul Resika: Boats and Sails


PRESS RELEASE: Paul Resika:  Boats and Sails, Jun 23 - Jul 14, 2016

Paul Resika: Boats and Sails
Jun 23 – Jul 14, 2016

Lawrence Fine Art is delighted to present "Paul Resika: Boats and Sails" opening Thursday, June 23rd. The opening of the exhibition will take place at the Art Hamptons Preview Party, also on the 23rd, with select works on display. Thereafter, the exhibition will continue at the gallery. The gallery will also offer a talk with Resika and long-time gallerist representative Lori Bookstein on Saturday, June 25th, 4:30 pm, at Art Hamptons.

"Paul Resika: Boats and Sails" is part of the gallery's summer program focusing on "Works in Progress: Artists in their 80s and 90s." The program is intended to demonstrate the continuing relevance of these artists in today's hyper-contemporary art world. Other artists to be exhibited include Harriette Joffe, Audrey Flack, Athos Zacharias and Stan Brodsky.

"What inrigues us," says Gallery Director Howard Shapiro "is how Resika, who has enjoyed a nearly 70-year career, continues to find something new to say and how he circles back and around familiar themes."

Paul Resika (b. 1928, New York, New York) is best known for his paintings of iconic Provincetown forms. “Resika is recognized for the buoyancy of his palette and the basic shapes of his subjects, which are pared down to the simplest geometric forms—neat little houses in profiles and swishes of color that define the boats. His paintings are just a suggestion of a scene, but they are enough to spark a memory, evoke a mood, or illuminate a dream,” writes artist and critic Deborah Forman. "As a colorist – a painter who draws in color with a loaded brush – (Resika) is now without peer in his own generation, a generation that has often made color its most important pictorial interest," Hilton Kramer stated in The New York Times.

Resika splits his time between New York and Truro, Massachusetts. Resika’s work is included in the collections of the Hood Museum of Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Addison Gallery among numerous others. He is the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship (1984) and has been elected Academician at the National Academy of Design (1978) and the American Academy of Arts and Letters (1994).

The gallery wishes to thank Lori Bookstein of Lori Bookstein Gallery for helping make possible this exhibition.