LA ROC: Not Keith Haring


PRESS RELEASE: LA ROC:  Not Keith Haring, Jul 11 - Jul 28, 2013

LA ROC: Not Keith Haring
Jul 11 – Jul 28, 2013

 LA ROC: Not Keith Haring, an exhibition of new work by graffitti atist, Angel Ortiz, aka LA ROC, or LA II, will open at Lawrence Fine Art in East Hampton from July 11th to July 28th with a fashion show and reception Saturday, July 20th starting at 5 pm.

 One of original graffitti artists of the 1970s and 1980s, he was sought out by Keith Haring in 1981 because of his distinctively unique “tag.” That initial bond created an artistic partnership that, over the next 5 years, would generate some of the most iconic pop art work of the 1980s. LA ROC introduced Keith Haring to genuine street art culture and considerably influenced his development as an artist. Even after Haring's death in 1990, LA ROC never stopped creating. True to his street art roots, he turns even the most mundane objects into functional sculpture. Many of these pieces will be showcased in the exhibition, along with some of his finest canvases to date.