News: Lawrence Fine Art at Market Art and Design, August 10, 2021

Lawrence Fine Art at Market Art and Design

August 10, 2021

Lawrence Fine Art is pleased to announce that it will participate in this year's Market Art & Design, Hamptons, August 12-15. The gallery will feature a combination of modern masters and contemporary artists including Howard Schatz, Geoffrey Dorfman, George Schulman, Cleve Gray, Seymour Fogel, Brad Walls, Robert S. Neuman, Rolph Scarlett, Sally Michel Avery and Amaranth Ehrenhalt. It will also include innovative solar sculpture by Steven Lowy. This is one of the first in-person fairs since the Covid-19 crisis.


"Art needs to be seen and experienced in person.  We've all missed that over the past year-and-a-half," said Gallery Director Howard Shapiro. "We have some phenomenal works to show."


Lawrence Fine Arts presentation will include contemporary photography by Howard Schatz and aerial photography by  newcomer Brad Walls.  It will include abstract expressionism by Amaranth Ehrenhalt, one of the "Women of Abstract Expressionism," and Robert S. Newman; lyrical abstraction by Cleve Gray and David Einstein; and minimalist work by post-war modernist Seymour Fogel. The gallery will also highlight an early work by Sally Michel Avery.

Steven Lowy, Candelabra, Aluminum, stained glass, solar panels, LEDs & other technology, 26 x 54, x 21
Steven Lowy Studio


The Gallery will also present for the first time solar sculptures by Steven Lowy. They are powered by solar batteries and are illuminated at night.  "We have watched Steven work for several years to get this right.  Now is the time to show them," said Shapiro.


The fair begins with a VIP preview Thursday, August 12 and concludes Sunday, August 15.

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